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Being prepared for the work to begin is important to the success of the job. Here are some general tips for you to consider before we begin painting the exterior of your home or business.

1. Most exteriors get power-washed before they are painted. Prior to our arrival make sure all windows and doors are closed securely.

2. After your exterior is power-washed make sure your lawn sprinklers are off.

3. At Branson Paint Co. we love our animal friends and want to ensure their safety and comfort during the painting process. Gates and doors may be left open, so consider making arrangements for the days we will be power-washing and painting.

4. Items such as lawn furniture, bicycles, grills, and hoses should be moved away from the house.

5. Tree branches, plants, and shrubs need to be trimmed back about ten inches from the house or business to allow room to power-wash and paint.

6. Weather plays an important factor in all exterior work. We can power-wash your exterior on rain-days but cannot paint until the surface is dry. Our Team Leader will work you to schedule work accordingly.

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