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Being prepared for the work to begin is important to the success of the job. Here are some general tips for you to consider before we begin painting the interior of your home or business.

1. Consider what rooms or areas you would like us to begin, have a plan for high traffic areas, hallways, or lobbies and communicate that with our Team Leader.

2. Some areas or rooms, such as bedrooms or bathrooms may be out of order overnight so make arrangements accordingly.

3. We mostly use low-odor water-based products for interiors but people with strong sensitivity to paint odor should make arrangements to sleep in another room the night their room is painted.

4. At Branson Paint Co. we love our animal friends and want to ensure their safety and comfort during the painting process. They can be susceptible to paint odors, and doors may be left open, so consider making arrangements for them on days we will be painting.

5. Small or fragile objects should be moved to a safe area prior to our arrival.

6. Bookcases that will need to be moved should have all of the books removed.

7. Generally, we move all of the furniture in a room to be painted to the center of that room and cover it, however, If there is heavy furniture or awkward furniture that needs to be moved please let us know or make arrangements prior to our arrival to have it moved.

8. Any wall hangings such as pictures or decorations, including the hardware, should be removed prior to our arrival. If they will be going back in the same place please let us know and we will not fill the holes before painting.

9. Disconnect and move any sensitive electronic devices such as computers or televisions.

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